Evofinder® 3D technology is a reply on several inquiries as to the possibility of Evofinder systems to create 3D image.

This technology provides the best solutions for the routine daily tasks faced by ballistic examiners all over the world. The technology integrates all advantages of the both well-known technologies applied in ballistics – traditional 2D and popular 3D.

What was the goal of developing the Evofinder® 3D technology?

To raise the effectiveness of computer ballistic expertise by amplifying the 2D technology with additional information about 3rd coordinates of specimen surface points, namely, to produce 3D object surface presentation on the monitor screen for manual comparison and improve correlation results.

The technology is based on the Evofinder® “frame-fragment” method and inherited all its comprehensive facilities – magnificent quality of digital images for objects under ballistic examination, simplicity of operation and effective algorithms of auto searching procedure.

How does it work? The “frame-fragment” method of ballistic objects recording developed by ScannBI Technology and based on Focus variation microscopy is added by some innovative technologies, such as Floating frame technology, Multi illumination technology and others. Analyzing a huge data volume the technology allows defining 3-rd coordinates (along the optical axis) of the object surface points. The parameters of transmitting optics, obtained data volume and mathematical algorithms provide 3rd dimension resolution less than 1µ.

The 3D information is used both by displaying on the monitor screen 3D graphic presentation of scanned object to view its surface in space and for improving the reflected light intensity of 2D image by means of surface warp analysis. Especially it concerns deformed objects.

It is also important to note that one of the main reasons of the Evofinder® 3D technology implementation is improvement of correlation results. It was proved while the Odyssey project experiment – correlation effectiveness became ~ 20% higher.