The Evofinder® Wide-Area Network solution


The Evofinder® system from the beginning of its development is considered as a network based system. On-board specific solution allows using and analyzing data of similar systems located in different labs by means of switching between the systems, i.e. their servers. At that a physical connection between the servers thru communication line – dedicated or the Internet (VPN) – should be established.

Switching to remote server takes seconds – the same way as connecting to a site while surfing the Web.

What are advantages of such solution? They are enough obvious and only several are specified below.

First of all, there is no necessity to build a Centralized DB for all data collected by several systems as it’s absolutely clear that Distributed DB is more effective and less time-consuming on getting a final result. Constant connection to the Centralized DB brings inconveniences into daily exploitation of tied systems.

Secondly, in case of necessity a system user can select connection to the most interesting labs (servers) in the context of their location basing on investigative information of concrete criminal case, by this increasing ballistic examination effectiveness.
Some investigations in Europe found out that likely distance of criminal gun migration ranges up to several hundred km. This conclusion shows that the most interesting labs for data analyzing are surrounding labs. At that these labs should be located on territories which are not separated by patrolled borders.
Really it’s highly unlikely that gunmen carry guns with themselves crossing border posts or boarding airplane.

Thirdly, basing on very simple switching procedure data analyzing session can be established between systems for enough short term and at a convenient time for both labs and on agreed conditions not over freighting network lines and servers capacities.

The Evofinder® system network solution proposes the most effective way for creating wide-area network for ballistic data analyzing and exchange. Being built on connections with near-by labs it is able to cover all potentially interesting areas providing high efficiency of the automated ballistic expertise.