The Forensic science laboratory of the Cyprus police acquired the Evofinder® 4X4 system. In spite of quantity of criminal objects in Cyprus is rather small, the stance of the local experts is clear-cut: Cyprus police should have the best instruments for any field of activity in forensics.

Egypt 1

The Evofinder® system came to Egypt. Egyptian experts acquired a very effective instrument helping in fighting against crime.

The National Forensic Laboratory. During a week the Evofinder® system was being tested on the DB specially prepared for the purpose of such systems testing. The Evofinder® system showed the absolute result – 100% paired objects (30 bullets and 30 cartridges) were set on the first place of correlation hit-lists. This result is ~30% higher than result of another famous system tested just before the Evofinder® system.


Federal Bureau of Investigation. One more installation of the Evofinder® system. The most effective system – for highly skilled specialists.

INPS-2 copy INPS-3 copyINPS/LPS. The Evofinder® system came to the heart of Paris, to the Forensic lab (Laboratoire de Police Scientifique de Paris) which  is located on the Île de la Cité, one of two natural islands that sits in the middle of the Seine. Full range system with  Central  DB  was installed in the lab. It’s supposed that several remote stations will be connected to the Paris lab system.


INPS/SCL. The Institute National de Police Scientifique was equipped by the Evofinder® system. The next stage of the project – jointing of the remote sites (including Gendarmerie forensic lab) and remote stations into single ballistic network – is coming.

Just recently installed in the National Direction of the Technical Police the Evofinder® system has shown outstanding results in ballistic examination providing experts by many “cold hits”. As a result of such successful the system exploitation the Ministry of Interior Affairs bought additionally two Data Acquisition stations. It provides the basis for creation of the National Guns Registry Data Base.

The Evofinder® system, delivered by ScannBI technology and installed in the Lausanne University (UNIL) Institut de Police Scientifique (IPS), will become a basic instrument in the field of ballistics mostly focused on students training and scientific investigations at the Forensic science faculty.

The company ScannBI Technology USA delivered and installed the Evofinder® system in Firearms Division of Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff as well trained local experts.  The system provides new opportunities for the experts  increasing effectiveness of the ballistic examination  and gives possibility to exchange ballistics data with Orange County Crime lab.