The Emirates International Forensic Science Conference and Exhibition. ScannBI Technology Europe GmbH in cooperation with Spectra Technology highlighted advantages of the Evofinder® system.

One more European country joined to the family of the Evofinder® system users. The Federal Criminal Police Office purchased the system with the newest software version 6.3.

We are celebrating 10-year Anniversary of the companies – ScannBI Technology Europe GmbH and ScannBI Technology Ltd.!


We proudly emphasize that over these ten years a successful way in development and distribution of the Evofinder® system is passed.
The system with trade mark Evofinder® has become renowned and reputable because of its high effectiveness and reliability, usability and excellent image quality and, definitely, reasonable price.
We have equipped dozens laboratories all over the world – in Europe and Asia, Africa and South and North America. The number of sold software licenses rose beyond 200: SAS – 51, DAS – 63, EWS – 108.
Congratulations to all our customers! Celebrate with us!
We know what to do next 10 years!

The ScannBI Technology Europe GmbH officially informs that it cancels business relations with ScannBI Technology USA since Monday, 22nd of August, 2016. Personnel of the ScannBI Technology USA has no rights to act in the name and on behalf of ScannBI Technology Europe GmbH and represent its product – the Evofinder® system. The cause of such decision – information suppression and nonfulfillment of financial obligations from the side of ScannBI Technology USA.


The Forensic science laboratory of the Cyprus police acquired the Evofinder® 4X4 system. In spite of quantity of criminal objects in Cyprus is rather small, the stance of the local experts is clear-cut: Cyprus police should have the best instruments for any field of activity in forensics.

Egypt 1

The Evofinder® system came to Egypt. Egyptian experts acquired a very effective instrument helping in fighting against crime.

The National Forensic Laboratory. During a week the Evofinder® system was being tested on the DB specially prepared for the purpose of such systems testing. The Evofinder® system showed the absolute result – 100% paired objects (30 bullets and 30 cartridges) were set on the first place of correlation hit-lists. This result is ~30% higher than result of another famous system tested just before the Evofinder® system.


Federal Bureau of Investigation. One more installation of the Evofinder® system. The most effective system – for highly skilled specialists.