The company provides different possibilities of the Evofinder® system high quality maintenance – from preventive visiting of the company’s specialists till remote support via Internet connection (obligatory during warranty period).

The quality of the system support is our advantage and can be proved by references from the side of our customers – in Europe, America and worldwide.

Since all new Evofinder® soft-hardware versions maintain continuity previous versions can be replaced by new ones without information loss.


Product versions

A.   Original hardware (Scanner versions)

Evofinder® “4X4” – current version – 4 stepper motor platform, universal cassette for both object types, 1 USB port connection.
Evofinder® “Forte Edition” – on sale till November 2011 – 3 stepper motor platform, cassette for cartridge-cases fixation without glass prism element, improved optics and electronics, 2 USB port connections.
Evofinder® – on sale till June 2010 – 3 stepper motor platform, cassette for cartridge-cases fixation with glass prism element.

B.   Software

Version 6.7. —  current version.
Version 6.6. —  on sale till November 2022.
Version 6.5. —  on sale till November 2019.
Version 6.4. —  on sale till April 2019.
Version 6.3. —  on sale till April 2018.
Version 6.2. —  on sale till June 2016.
Version 6.0. —  on sale till November 2014.
Version 5.4. —  on sale till November 2013.
Version 5.1.12. —  on sale till June 2010.