Thailand Selects Advanced Automated Ballistics Identification Technology to build a National Gun Registration Data Base

February 20, 2023

Lubeck, Germany – Thailand has signed a ground-breaking agreement that will see them receive state-of-the-art ballistic identification equipment. The Ballistic Identification Systems (BIS) equipment will help the Thai Government to better investigate and track all firearms and allow the country to begin establishing a comprehensive data base. This will be one of the largest gun registration data base’s in the world.
BIS is a technology that uses digital imaging and pattern recognition algorithms to compare ballistic evidence such as bullets (their fragments) and cartridge-cases, to help law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations. BISs often used to match firearms to their spent cartridge-cases or bullets found at a crime scene or recovered from a victim, and can help investigators link crimes together and identify suspects.
The Government of Thailand chose Evofinder®, supplied by ScannBI Technology Europe GmbH, Germany, over and above all other ballistic technologies and will be replacing existing equipment. After careful evaluation ScannBI’s Evofinder® technology was chosen due to its Quality, Speed and Convenience of digital image recording, Efficiency of automated expertise results and Convenience and Efficiency of the “manual” expertise. Further large -scale expansions are planned to include all weapons in the country.